Treasure Garden 10' Octagon CAG19 Cantilever Umbrella Replacement Cover - O'bravia Fabric

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10' Octagon Canopy for a Treasure Garden's  AG19 Cantilever Umbrella.  Available in O'Bravia fabics.  O'Bravia is 100% solution dyed polyester fabric.  It comes with a limited 4 year manufacture warranty.  A great cover at a reasonable price!  More options include a large selection of Sunbrella and  Outdura  fabrics.  

   To view fabric samples bigger go to :'bravia%E2%84%A2

Custom order, 72 hour cancellation policy applies.  Please allow 8-10 weeks for production due to COVID.


  • 10’ octagon canopy available in 100% solution-dyed acrylic Sunbrella or 100% solution-dyed polyester O'bravia fabrics
  • Single wind vent
  • Custom orders ship in about 8-12 weeks
  • 4 year limited warranty on O'Bravia fabrics, 5 year limited warranty on Sunbrella and Outdura fabrics.
  • Sold separately: frame, protective cover, resin base weights, or cross base weights for cross base stand


  • 10' octagon, 8 ribs

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