About Us

Welcome to PatioUmbrellaStore.com!

We started selling umbrellas retail more than 20 years ago.  When it comes to umbrellas, we are experts.  We offer a wide variety of umbrellas some that are economical, while the bulk of our inventory is designed to service our customers with a quality product intended to last for many years at a great price.  

PatioUmbrellaStore.com is committed to quality products and our Resort Umbrellas are among the finest in the world.  We offer a complete line of Galtech,  ShadeMaker, Treasure Garden, Frankford Umbrellas and California Umbrella.  We have been working directly with resorts, hotels, retail markets, HOA’s, clubs, architects and designers, restaurants, and individual consumers for more than 20 years customizing umbrellas with special fabrics and logos.  Whether you have just one umbrella or 100 umbrellas that you want to make a statement, Patio Umbrella Store has a product for you.  For special orders, please call us directly at (800) 738-7229.