Frankford Eclipse 13 Foot Octagon Cantilever Umbrella

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This elegant and modern cantilever umbrella is the ultimate choice for outdoor living and entertaining in both residential and commercial environments. It combines style with strength, size and durability. Heavy gauge extruded aluminum and stainless steel parts on a marine grade corrosion resistant aluminum frame ensures the Eclipse is ideal for all environments. With its Infinity Tilt and 360° rotation, the Eclipse provides complete shade flexibility.

  • Marine grade fabric
  • Full 360°rotation
  • Infinity Tilt system, allows for countless tilt angles, providing hours of maximum shade regardless of the position of the sun.
  • The crank lift is built for commercial use, yet designed for smooth and effortless operation in any environment.
  • The mast and all critical joints are extruded aluminum, ensuing unmatched strength and durability.
  • Engineered to withstand 35 MPH winds. Included wind stabilizer kit increases by 5 MPH.
  • Stainless steel hardware throughout
  • Multiple mounting options are available, either permanent or semi-permanent, for installation on any surface
  • Wind stabilizer bars included
  • Black polyester protective bag included
  • Please consult a licensed professional for in-ground or surface mounting installations.


Frankford Matte Silver umbrella frame finish


Umbrella clearance dimensions are measured while not mounted in a base. Depending on the selected base, these clearance measurements will change. All dimensions and weights have a +/-5" tolerance based on multiple variables; pin placement height, crank tautness and fabric weight.







open depth:


closed depth:


mast diameter:



140 lbs.


Mounting options for the Eclipse® include semi-permanent, permanent, and non-permanent weighted bases suitable for any location. Please consult a licensed professional for in-ground or surface mounting installations.

Frankford Triple 40G Stack, a required base option for the Frankford Eclipse Cantilever umbrella


Galvanized Steel Eclipse Plate Stack
Frankford NGU-550 Galvanized steel framed aluminum lid housing paver


Heavy Duty Base
Frankford ECU Direct Surface Mounting Plate


Direct Surface Mounting Plate
Frankford NGU-IG Nova Umbrella specific in-ground mounting


In-Ground Mount
Frankford 36G Square Galvanized Steel Plates


Square Galvanized Steel Plates

Base Information:

ECU-480 Heavy Duty Wheel Base - Galvanized steel box frame slotted for 12 (16x16x2) Concrete pavers, not included, with matte silver anodized aluminum lid. Locking caster wheels and leveling feet are included. Ships empty. 34"x11" - 80LBS

40Gx3 Galvanized Steel - Triple stack 40G galvanized plate is a minimum weight 555LBS. 

36G-SQx3 Galvanized Steel - Triple stack 36G-SQ Stacked galvanized plate is a minimum weight 600LBS. 

36G-SQx3+W Galvanized Steel - Triple stack 36G-SQ Stacked galvanized plate is a minimum weight 600LBS. Bolt through attached set of four (4) casters locking wheels.

NGU550 Matte Silver 45"x5" Galvanized steel box frame slotted with Concrete pavers with matte silver anodized aluminum lid. Ships fully weighted 550LBS

NGU550-E Matte Silver 45"x5" Galvanized steel box frame slotted for Concrete pavers with matte silver anodized aluminum lid. Ships empty (pavers not included) 150LBS. Quadrant Dims: 20x4.25" - Customer must fill with appropriate recommended weight.

ECU-DP Direct Surface Mount Plate - Can be mounted to concrete or wood deck. 12.5"x.5" - 12LBS. Available in Matte Black or Matte Silver

ECU-DP-SS Direct Surface Mount Plate Stainless Steel - Can be mounted to concrete or wood deck. 12.5"x.5" - 12LBS. (hardware not included)

ECU-IG In-Ground Mount Stem for concrete - Galvanized Steel - 8"x20" - 18LBS


Covers are warranted against loss of color or strength under normal exposure conditions for the following duration:

Racacril 7 year fabric warranty

Sunbrella - 5 years / Outdura - 5 years 

*Warranty is covered by limited manufacturer’s warranty

*Wind ratings do NOT form part of, nor fall under, any Frankford Umbrellas' warranties. Wind ratings are intended as a guide to the relative strength of the umbrellas only and tested at their optimal positions. Umbrellas with any degree of tilt added should not follow the above wind ratings. Wind can be extremely variable, depending on the surroundings, elevation, angle of gusts, etc. In any high wind or sudden extreme weather conditions, ALL umbrellas should be closed and secured immediately. 


Umbrellas must be secured equal to or greater than the base weight options recommended, and must be secured properly using the thumb screws or other hardware supplied with each base. Failure to properly secure umbrellas with base options recommended, and with the supplied hardware will void Frankford warranty. Furthermore, all umbrellas should always be closed and secured when not in use, and taken down when winds reach unsafe conditions.

This umbrella with mount kit should be professionally installed by a licensed contractor. Patio Umbrella Store and its affiliates assumes no liability and expressly disclaims any responsibility for injuries or damages arising from or related to the failure of buyer to have the umbrella or mount kit installed be a licensed professional contactor. 

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