Receiving a Shipment

Please notify Patio Umbrella Store within 24 hours if you have any damages or missing parts to your order.


Please review the following information with your warehouse, drop-ship client, receiver, or freight forwarder. Purchaser is responsible for ensuring that the shipment is properly received, inspected, and signed for.


STEP 1 Determine shipping method

FedEx Ground/UPS Ground

– Cartons are shipped loose - not on pallets; driver will leave carton(s) at the door without a signature at their discretion.

– A Packing List indicating the quantity/description of items shipped will be with your carton in your shipment.

Truck Delivery (e.g., ABF, Estes, FedEx Freight)

– Most cartons are shipped shrink-wrapped on pallets; some furniture, cushions, and umbrellas ship loose.

You must be present to receive and sign for the delivery. The carrier is not required to schedule a delivery appointment unless you requested this additional service in advance. Most carriers offer appointment windows (typically 4 hours) Monday - Friday.

– Standard residential delivery is curbside. Products will be delivered to the street curb outside of the delivery address. The delivery driver will not back into a driveway, have a lift gate, remove products from the back of the truck, move products inside, remove pallets/cartons/packaging, or assemble products.

– A Packing List indicating the quantity/description of items shipped will be attached to the exterior of one carton in your shipment.

A shipping document will be provided by the driver and indicates the number of pallets and/or pieces shipped.


STEP 2 While the delivery driver is present, find the Packing List and compare it to the items being delivered. If an item is missing, note this on the delivery document the driver asks you to sign (e.g., “Missing 1 carton containing BASE13-00”) and notify Patio Umbrella Store immediately.

IMPORTANT: Do not confirm accuracy of shipment by counting pallets. Use Packing List to account for every item shipped. You are responsible for the replacement cost of any missing item that is not noted on the delivery document while the driver is present.

 Should I refuse delivery for an incorrect item? No. If the Packing List, Bill of Lading, and shipping label on the carton are accurate, but the item received is incorrect, you should accept delivery, save all packing materials, and contact Patio Umbrella Store immediately for assistance.


STEP 3 You are responsible for inspecting merchandise at the time of delivery. Inspect for damage while delivery driver is present. All carton surfaces must be inspected for signs of damage. Patio Umbrella Store nor it’s vendors are not responsible for freight-related damages.

IMPORTANT: Do not write “Subject to Inspection”, “Pending Inspection”, or anything on the delivery document that implies you will inspect the shipment for damage after the driver leaves. Freight damage claims with this notation will be denied.

Look for common signs of freight damage:

– Carton is crushed, punctured, torn, indented, or creased

– Shrink wrap is broken, torn, punctured, loose, or missing

– Pallet is broken. Note: Cartons sitting directly on the pallet are most prone to forklift damage. You are required to inspect the underside of cartons sitting directly on the pallet.

– If a carton containing wicker or metal furniture is crushed or dented, verify that the frame is not bent by placing the item on a

level surface (e.g., place a chair on a level surface such as a glass table top and make sure all legs touch the surface).

If a carton or palletized shipment displays any of the signs noted above, you are required to inspect its contents for freight damage. Failure to note freight damage where signs of potential damage are evident will result in the denial of your claim.

 What should I do if a product is damaged? You must refuse delivery for that item AND note the damaged item on the delivery document the driver asks you to sign. For example: “(1) AKZ13 refused due to damage.” Important: Only refuse items that are damaged, not the entire shipment. If you refuse items that are not damaged, you will be responsible for all shipping charges when these items are re-delivered. Notify Patio Umbrella Store immediately of any refused items.

 What should I do if the delivery driver refuses to wait while I inspect for damage? The driver should never refuse to wait, but if they do, ask the driver to call their dispatcher and notify them of the situation. The dispatcher should make the driver wait; however, if they still refuse, then do not sign for the shipment, and contact Patio Umbrella Store immediately.


STEP 4 In addition to any damage discovered at the time of delivery, you must open and inspect the contents of all cartons regardless of condition to inspect for Concealed Freight Damage (CFD). For Patio Umbrella Store to submit a CFD claim, you must notify us of the damage, and send digital photos of the damage, within 3 days of receipt of shipment; otherwise the CFD claim will be denied.

Photos are required for each damaged item and its carton (all surfaces). Do not assemble, deliver, or use the damaged item.

Failure to save the carton may result in the denial of your claim.

STEP 5 Patio Umbrella Store’s vendors will file a CFD claim with the carrier on your behalf only if: (a) the order was shipped on their freight-carrier account, and (b) we receive notification and proper digital photos within 3 days of receipt of the shipment.

IMPORTANT: For a CFD claim, the carrier will pay a maximum of 33% of the cost of the replacement item, but no replacement freight charges. Any amount that is recouped from the carrier may be used towards the repair of the item, the purchase of a replacement part, or the cost of a replacement item. You are responsible for the balance of charges to remedy the situation since the damage was not noted at the time of delivery.